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  • What is co-living? +

    Co-living is a form of shared housing where you rent a private bedroom in an apartment or building and share common amenities like kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms. By renting just a bedroom and sharing the common amenities, you pay less for your housing then you would if you were to rent a traditional studio or one-bedroom unit. Plus, with the addition of furniture, you avoid the costs of buying your own or moving your own. You basically bring your clothes, your own linens and towels and your personal belongings and we take care of the rest.

  • What are the different types of co-living properties you offer? +

    We have two formats of co-living properties for you to choose from, traditional apartment setups and our Quarters concept. Both formats have multiple locations for you to choose from.

    • Traditional apartment formats where you rent a bedroom in an apartment and share common areas with a smaller group of people. This format has a 90-day minimum stay requirement and has more of a roommate type of feel. Some of our traditional apartment setups have bedrooms with private baths if that interests you.
    • Our Quarters concept where you rent a bedroom in a building specifically designed for co-living and share common areas with a slightly larger group of people. The common areas and shared spaces are a bit more spread out and this format carries a 30-day minimum. As a result, you can be a bit more independent in this format if you prefer.

  • If I rent a co-living place, who will I be living with? +

    We can’t guarantee who your roommates will be but we do make an effort to pair people with similar educational backgrounds and professions in our apartment formats. If you have a preference feel free to share it in the application process and we’ll try to accommodate.

  • What does my payment cover? +

    When you book a co-living or a full apartment your payment covers all of your normal housing costs like utilities, wireless internet and cleaning (bi-weekly or upon departure, depending on the place you’ve booked). Your payment also covers a damage deposit fee instead of requiring a security deposit, so you don’t have to tie up large sums of money for long periods of time. Check out the unit descriptions and amenities for more specifics on what each unit comes with.

  • Where are the House Rules for the co-living places? +

    Once you book a co-living place, we’ll send you the house rules, but generally speaking you can expect some boundaries around noise, clean-up, sharing the common areas and just being respectful to other people living in the same place as you.

  • Do you offer early check-ins or late check-outs? +

    Sometimes the calendar and the cleaning schedules allow us to accommodate early check-ins. Please check with us a few days before your arrival to confirm. Late check-outs are generally not allowed because our cleaners have specific end times to their work days. Worst case scenario we can help arrange for you to store your bags if we can’t accommodate your request.

  • Can I book additional cleanings during my stay? +

    Yes, absolutely. Just let a member of the Thatch team know when you want your cleanings scheduled and we’ll add them to the calendar and put them on your statement. Co-living places have the common areas cleaned every two weeks as part of your rental fee, but if wish to have your bedroom cleaned or increase the frequency of your common area cleanings, just let us know and we can arrange that additional service for you.

  • Do you offer parking? +

    We have very limited parking and only at certain properties. We strongly recommend that you not bring a car unless absolutely necessary. Most of our places are centrally located and near public transit hubs and cars can actually be a slower, more expensive form of travel around the City.

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