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Best Apartment Hotels For Conventions In Boston

Boston is a prominent destination for hosting a wide variety of conferences and conventions catering to both personal interests and business needs. Some of the notable events held in Boston include Biotech Week Boston, NACDS Total Store Expo, and Pharmacy Education 2024, among others. If you are planning to attend a conference or convention in Boston, we recommend considering some of the most reasonably priced and conveniently located apartment hotels and hotel alternatives in the city. Thatch offers a range of accommodations that are not only conveniently located but also budget-friendly, allowing you to focus on your conference or convention without breaking the budget. We have compiled some suggestions for attending conferences or conventions in Boston that may be of help to you.

Thatch On Broadway

The Thatch on Broadway properties are located in South Boston, not too far from the Boston Convention Center. These properties are ideal for those who want to attend your conference in Boston by using the nearby train. These one-bedroom apartments accommodate up to four guests and include a kitchen, living room, and plenty of natural light; the convention center is a short walk away or a quick ride-share away. 

Quarters On Broadway

For those attending a conference or convention and seeking a budget-friendly hotel alternative, the Quarters On Broadway is the perfect choice. Located on West Broadway Street in South Boston, these properties offer a private room and shared bathrooms and common areas with other guests. Quarters On Broadway is ideal for two people with shared spaces, and there’s even a suite that can accommodate four guests. Rest assured, your stay will be affordable, allowing you to focus on your conference or convention without grinding over the cost of your stay. 

Get The Most Out Of Your Stay In Boston

While in Boston, there is an abundance of activities to explore, even if you are away from the convention center or conference hall. For convenient access to any important meetings, Thatch apartment hotels are an excellent option. Our website provides valuable information about our properties, or you may contact us at 857-263-3073 to learn about our current options. If you or someone you know is seeking summer housing for an internship or job rotation, our Co-Living options are certainly worth considering. Prepare to make the most of your stay in Boston with Thatch.

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