Simple, flexible and functional…

At Thatch, we're committed to providing innovative furnished housing solutions to fill the void between hotels and traditional apartments. And we're opening doors to Boston. Whether its a co-live or a full apartment, for a few nights or longer, we have the place and you name the terms.

The Thatch Promise

We’ve built the Thatch experience around some simple core values to make
your stay great at every step along the way.


Staying with Thatch means you are saving money and getting value. Each of our places has a unique value proposition that puts the money where it belongs, in your pocket.


We design, build and manage our properties ourselves and each Thatch is purpose-built for its intended use, so you get the most functionality out of your housing choice. And we’re involved at every level to make sure of it!


At Thatch we don't lock you in to rigid rental cycles and ridiculous minimum stay requirements. You have the flexibility to choose the stay you need. And if you want to change places before or during your stay, we'll work with you.


No hidden fees or misinformation here. Clear pricing, straight answers and accurate information. All the time.


Thatch is opening doors to Boston by providing housing that is hard to find and easy to afford. And our local partnerships give you access to amenities outside your unit, like a gym and Bluebike rentals! Learn more below.

Local Knowledge

We hate spending countless hours researching places we’ve never been before only to hope that we get it right. Our guidebooks and pro tips give you the local knowledge you need to make your stay worthwhile, fun and easy.


Staying with Thatch means you are saving money and getting value. Each of our places
has a unique value proposition that puts the money where it belongs, in your pocket.

Short Term

In our short-term Thatches we strip out the non-essential services, like daily room cleaning, and we centralize our front desk staff, so we can pass the savings on to you in the form of lower prices! You also get more functionality out of a Thatch through amenities like kitchens and living areas that make Thatch a better experience and a more economical choice than local hotels.

Longer Term

For those staying with Thatch for a month or longer, whether in a private apartment or a co-live, you get the benefit of no broker fees, no moving costs, included furniture, utilities and wi-fi, and a heck of a lot of time savings by not having to deal with all the tedious details involved with a typical apartment rental. And maybe the biggest difference with Thatch is that you get to choose your dates and only pay for the stay you need.

Design, Build, Manage, Own.

What makes Thatch unique is that we own or maintain long-term control over every place that we offer. That benefits you in a bunch of ways, but ultimately you get a better place and experience because we’re involved in every step of the process to make sure you get what you deserve.

Design & Construction

All Thatch places are purpose-built for their specific use so you get max functionality and value out of them. And we’re involved from the very beginning of the design and construction process to make sure that no detail is overlooked.

Interior Design

You won’t find your grandmother’s couch in any Thatch place! We work with professional interior designers and reputable vendors to make sure that every place feels great, looks cool and functions the way its intended!


owners, we have a long term interest in the upkeep and quality of our properties and we take our property management and maintenance seriously. As a result you get a higher quality place and a better overall experience.

Thatch Partnerships

At Thatch we’re looking to make your entire experience great, both inside your place and outside. That’s why we partner with local restaurants, cafes, museums, gyms and other services, attractions and amenities – so you get our local knowledge and access without having to do countless hours of research yourself. And when you use our partnerships we cover some of the cost! Check out our Policies page to see how it works.

Our Places


Our co-living places offer a fully-furnished private bedroom (some with private bathrooms) with shared kitchen, living and common areas. If you are looking for an affordable accommodation for a month or longer and you don’t mind sharing space, check out our co-living places!

Full Apartments

If privacy and independence is more your style, look no further than our Full Apartments. We have a range of unit types and sizes, some available nightly and some monthly, all fully-furnished and centrally located.

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