Hotels and furnished rentals for savvy travelers.

Travel with ease and independence. Stay with Thatch.

Most travel involves waiting in lines, clunky processes, and unnecessary interactions that create frustration, take up time, and leave you wondering why. And while a host of services and ever-present staff can make for an exceptional high-end experience, it’s not for every traveler or every occasion. At Thatch, we’ve built a portfolio of staff-lite accommodations in Boston focused on great spaces, ease, and independence. By stripping out non-essential staff and services, like front desk attendants, concierge, and on-site amenities, we are able to provide higher quality accommodations in the best locations, all at lower prices.

Nightly Stays

We have a range of unique, custom-designed properties in Boston available for nightly or weekly stays, including Apartels, Boutique Hotels, and our budget-minded Quarters concept.

Monthly Stays

If you are looking to stay for a month or longer our fully furnished apartments and co-living accommodations in Boston save you time and money over the traditional apartment or room rental.

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