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Our Story

We founded Thatch as a branch of Boston Real Estate Collaborative back in 2010 with the goal of building housing for a specific purpose. We believed that by bringing our disciplines as architect, builder, developer and manager under one roof, we could create a more collaborative design process, build better housing and ultimately see our vision come true. 

In the beginning, we focused on traditional apartments designed for middle-income earners, working professionals and students. We saw imbalances in these markets that were creating unintended consequences for the entire City and we wanted to be part of the solution. 

Shortly after founding the company and completing our first few traditional apartment projects, we expanded our focus to furnished housing after discovering the critical role that it plays in providing housing for the transient workers, tourists and medical and educational-based travelers that are vital to Boston’s economy. We saw a market in need of flexibility and transparency, and we designed units and policies to fill that void.

As housing prices rose year after year, and the entry-level studio prices rose with it, we realized that traditional apartment units alone were not the answer. With flexibility and affordability in mind, we expanded our focus to include co-living units, micro-units and workforce housing concepts as means to make Boston more accessible to our growing and evolving working-class population.

At Thatch, we’re proud to be among those embracing an innovative approach to housing. We’ve built a network of housing options to meet most housing needs, whether it’s for a few nights, a few months, a year, or longer. And we understand needs change and we’ve built flexibility into our properties and policies to allow that. Our mission is to bring value in housing back to where it belongs – with the people living in it.

Of course, none of this would be possible without our amazing Thatch team and the support of the neighborhoods in which we operate. We’re honored to give back to our communities and we do so by donating a portion of our profits to organizations working to make Boston a better, more inclusive and equitable City.

That’s Thatch. Start or continue your Boston journey with us.

Brent + Will
Thatch Co-Founders

thatch evolution


thatch is born!

Will and Brent co-found Thatch as a traditional development/property management company under name of sister company Boston Real Estate Collaborative (BREC)


thatch evolves

Through their own travels, Will and Brent discover the benefits of short-term rentals for families. Thatch evolves to become one of Boston's first STR operators


Thatch launches Quarters

Temporary, affordable, furnished solutions for Boston residents and relocating professionals


Thatch introduces Co-living Stays

Shared housing designed for the needs of the modern tenant


Thatch and BREC launch Workforce Housing

Flexible, affordable, unfurnished options for individuals priced out of traditional housing market


Thatch 2.0 Launches

Thatch brings its entire network of housing to the world with the launch of the new livethatch.com site

What's Next

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Design, build, manage, own

What makes Thatch unique is that we own and manage every place we offer. Each place is purpose built for it's specific use, and we're involved in every step along the way, from construction to interior design. That means we're personally invested in making sure your stay is great on every level.

giving back

Thatch was founded in Boston’s Roxbury neighborhood, and we are committed to giving back to that community and others where we do business. That’s why we donate a portion of all Thatch profits to local organizations and nonprofits working to make Boston more equitable and inclusive.

To nominate an organization for consideration, please contact us at hello@livethatch.com.

Some of the organizations we’re proud to have partnered with include:

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