Our Story

We founded Thatch in 2013 as the hospitality branch of our development and management company, Boston Real Estate Collaborative. Back then, short-term rentals in Boston were called “corporate housing” and most rentals had monthly minimums. This was before Airbnb was a thing and at the time Flipkey and VRBO were the leaders in the space.

Nevertheless, at the time we owned two apartment buildings in prime locations in Boston that we thought would be great as short-term rentals. So we gave it a shot, bought furniture, took pictures and listed the units. We saw a need for hotel alternatives for families who needed more space, travelers who wanted a kitchen and professionals on work trips for weeks at a time. This was a huge success overnight, and we couldn’t keep up with demand for the STRs as we only owned so many properties and not all of them were appropriate for this use, so we experimented with new concepts in new locations, like our private room + shared bath concept called Quarters.

Our goal with Quarters was to provide professional, centrally located accommodations that were affordable to travelers on a tight budget. Boston is expensive and most traditional hotels and hostels are out of the price range of your average US and international travelers. With small yet comfortable rooms, shared baths, centralized staff and no on-site restaurants or fitness facilities, we were able to lower our cost structure and deliver accommodates at a fraction of the alternatives.

As our hospitality portfolio grew, so did our traditional apartment portfolio. And what we saw in the housing market was a rapid rise in the price of the entry-level studios which priced most young professionals and single-income earners, among others, out of the City. Rising housing prices are a problem for many in Boston and there are different segments of the market that require different solutions. At Thatch, we wanted to attack the problem that was staring us in the face – talented people fleeing Boston for other cities because of the cost of housing. With flexibility and affordability in mind, we expanded our focus to include co-living units and furnished studios as means to make Boston more accessible to our growing and evolving working-class population.

Most recently, we’ve ventured into independent staff-less boutique hotels, where we provide all the in-room comforts of traditional hotels without the check-in/out processes and the on-site staff and services that drive room prices up. This includes things like on-site restaurants, bars and spas, and dedicated front desk and concierge staff. Instead of these things, we give you everything you need to come and go from your room without ever needing us-and we make sure every one of our hotels is surrounded by services, shops and restaurants, so you can choose what you want, when you want it and only pay for what you need. Of-course we’re not truly staff-less, we have team members floating between Thatch properties throughout the day and we have 24-hour support when things come up, as they inevitably do. In exchange, we can invest more in our rooms and technology and still keep our prices down. While this concept isn’t for everyone, we have found growing demand for it and are looking to expand this part of our portfolio.

At Thatch, we’re proud to be among those embracing an innovative approach to hospitality. We’re making stays easier and more affordable than the traditional alternatives and we know plans change so we’ve built flexibility into our policies to allow for that. We’re proud to be helping shape the future of hospitality and accommodations.

Brent + Will

Thatch Evolution


Thatch Evolves

Thatch is Born! “Through their own travelers, Will and Brent discover the benefits of short-term rentals for families, traveling professionals and people who just need more space than a hotel room.


Thatch Launches Quarters

Thatch Launches Quarters “Seeing the price floor of hotel rooms constantly on the rise in Boston, Quarters was designed for travelers on a tight budget who want central locations.”


Thatch Introduces Co-Living Stays

Thatch Introduces Co-living “Furnished room rentals in professionally managed, furnished apartments in central locations. Designed to make access to Boston for young and/or traveling professionals easier and more affordable.”


Boutique Hotels

Thatch Launches its First Boutique Hotel “Prentiss House by Thatch is the “Thatch-ification” of a classic bed and breakfast. History and charm meet modern amenities and updated interior design. Prentiss House sets the standard for staff-less boutique hotel accommodations.”


What’s next?

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Design, Build, Manage, Own

What makes Thatch unique is that we own and manage every place we offer. Each place is purpose built for it’s specific use, and we’re involved in every step along the way, from construction to interior design. That means we’re personally invested in making sure your stay is great on every level.

Giving Back

Thatch was founded in Boston’s Roxbury neighborhood, and we are committed to giving back to that community and others where we do business. That’s why we donate a portion of all Thatch profits to local organizations and nonprofits working to make Boston more equitable and inclusive.

To nominate an organization for consideration, please contact us at hello@livethatch.com.

Some of the organizations we’re proud to have partnered with include:

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