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Job Title:
Operations – Portfolio Technician

$45K – $55K
Thatch is looking for a full-time Operations Technician to help in the management
of our Hotels, and Furnished Housing options throughout Boston. The ideal candidate
must have an interest in general maintenance, enjoy problem solving, have a valid MA
driver’s license and be physically capable to perform maintenance operations at

About Thatch

Thatch is an ever-evolving hospitality management company that specializes in the
marketing and operations of Hotels, Apartels and co-living units. Thatch is a leader in the
Boston area with new acquisitions and renovations competed in 2022, with exciting
growth and development opportunities in 2023 and beyond. Thatch is located in the South
End, where we share an office with our sister company, Boston Real Estate Collaborative,
who focuses on all Thatch’s development and assists in property management, making
Thatch the only vertically integrated company of our kind in Boston.
Thatch’s hospitality portfolio currently consists of 105 units and rooms dedicated to
nightly, weekly or monthly stays. Our units are marketed through our own website
( in addition to platforms like Airbnb, VRBO, and
Furnished Finder, among others. We have an energetic office environment and think of
ourselves as a small business, where each team member plays an important role in our
culture and success.

Employee Attributes – All Thatch Employees

  • Organized, driven and able to multi-task.
  • Enjoys working outside of an office setting and interacting with people.
  • Personable, easy going and works well with others.
  • Organized, resourceful and good problem-solving abilities.
  • Interested in maintenance, building, project management or hospitality
  • Office hours are outlined from 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. Due to the
    nature of hospitality, employees find themselves working outside of specific hours,
    and this is a part of the job.

Primary Responsibilities – Portfolio Technician

    As a Portfolio Technician, your primary responsibilities include:

  • Assist in the performance of all maintenance duties required at Thatch properties,
    which include, but not limited to, guests request, trouble shooting technical
    equipment and delivering supplies, and communicating with the Thatch team.
    • Small plumbing issues
    • Windows, doors, locks and keys
    • Equipment Maintenance, etc.
  • Observing, maintaining and reporting the interior and exterior physical condition of
  • As the face of Thatch on site at properties, you will be dealing with guests and you
    are expected to communicate respectfully. Thatch will provide clothing with
    appropriate Logos that are required to be worn when walking a property.
  • Assisting our sister company, BREC Mgmt, with maintenance issues if asked to do so
  • Be comfortable, and work with, technology platforms adopted and used to
    streamline day to day operations.

Goals & Measurable Attributes for Success

  • Build knowledge and experience through your first summer in the all of the physical
    systems across Thatch’s portfolio.
  • Learn through experience and a good attitude
  • Provide hands on knowledge and experience to assist in the outline of internal
    operations that can decrease potential maintenance requests.

Compensation & Benefits

  • Salary between $45 – $55K. Varied for skill set and experience.
  • Performance bonuses up to 10% of base salary are paid to those who regularly
    excel in their role. Bonuses are earned, not guaranteed.
  • Work Schedule (9am – 5pm):
    • Non-Peak Dates:
      November 1st – April 31st / Monday thru Friday Weekly

    • Peak Dates: May 1st – October 31st / Monday – Friday + Possible Saturday
      Weekly Schedule
      If you work Saturday, you will receive the following Monday off
      Schedule will be decided by Wednesday of every week<<
    • Emergency situations may require working hours outside of set schedule
  • Twelve (12) days of combined vacation and sick paid time off (PTO)
  • Federal Holidays Off

Additional Benefits:

  • $365 per month, after-tax, stipend for health and dental care premiums
  • $100 per month, after-tax, wellness stipend for qualified purchased (i.e. Workout
    classes / gym membership).
  • After 12 months of tenure, employees are eligible for Thatch’s 401K plan. This plan
    fully matches any contributions you make up to 3% of your base pay, and matches
    half of any additional contributions you make up to 5% of your base pay

Employment + Employee Reviews

  • Official Job Reviews will occur at 3, 6, and 12months of your first year
  • A self-review is required in December of every year
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