Thatch partners with the Ventilator Project to donate critical housing during a time of need

During the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Thatch partnered with the Ventilator Project to provide clean and safe housing for the company’s volunteers at the time.

BOSTON, MA – April 2020 – Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, local heroes have emerged in Boston through both collaboration and compassion for the community. The Ventilator Project is a Boston-based nonprofit working to provide a solution to the ventilator shortage around the world. The company, founded by a local robotics entrepreneur, works hard to source ventilator components, consult with industrial designers, medical professionals, and test prototypes through computer simulations.

Thatch had the opportunity to support The Ventilator Project’s mission by providing safe and clean volunteer housing while the team worked tirelessly around the clock to finalize their new ventilator prototype. The volunteers occupied fourteen private rooms which are part of Thatch’s co-living homes in Boston.

Brent Berc, founding partner of Thatch stated: “We’re supporting every cause we can that is relevant. At the time, ventilators were in the news and it seemed like the biggest and best way to help the world. It was the right time and the right place. The Ventilator Project was a conduit for us to help out. We sort of jumped on the bandwagon and we felt really good about it.”

Thatch offers fully-furnished, move-in ready rooms conveniently located in the heart of Boston. Perfect for young professionals, students, and traveling nurses. Thatch also provides options for private or shared baths all with flexible start and end dates.


About Thatch (www.livethatch.com)

In a world where choice and flexibility are at our fingertips, housing has fallen short. Renters are faced with rigid terms and limited options, while builders and landlords capture most of the value. At Thatch, we’re changing that through innovative housing concepts and terms that meet your needs. Whether you need a few nights, a few months, or a few years, Thatch provides a network of choices that brings value back to where it belongs in housing: with the people living there.

About The Ventilator Project (https://theventilatorproject.org/)

The Ventilator Project is a non-profit organization that aims to solve the imminent ventilator shortage by utilizing alternative materials to circumvent the medical supply chain and rapidly mass-produce emergency ventilators. Just in the U.S. alone, forecasts show that the COVID-19 pandemic will create a need for approximately 600K ventilators before the end of 2020. Globally, that number is closer to 13 Million. To donate, join us, or follow our progress, visit our website at the link above.

Meet Co-Living Member: Andreen, A Medical Professional At Tufts Medical Center

Meet Andreen, a medical professional at Tufts Medical Center in downtown Boston. Andreen loves meeting new people and building genuine friendships. She’s a big fan of Boston’s accessible transit, the city skyline, and the people. Continue reading to hear about Andreen’s co-living experience in her new home away from home and watch Andreen’s video interview here.

What brought you to Boston?

I came to Boston from New Jersey for a three-month assignment at Tufts Medical. I work at the hospital preparing instruments for surgeries and I really enjoy doing it. An assignment is typically three months long but now I will be here for an additional three months. I love the city, it only takes me ten minutes to get to work downtown which is why I love my place at Thatch.

How did you find Thatch?

I looked up online places to live in Boston and I found that Thatch came up right away. I contacted the Thatch team directly and they’ve been great at assisting me, Paula is great! At first, I thought this place was too beautiful to actually be true but it’s actually what it says and you get what you see online. The cleanliness of the home and the wide spaces are also a plus.

What does co-living mean to you?

Co-living to me is meeting new friends and learning to live with other people in shared spaces. I love having the ability to gain new friendships and live with so many different people who are at similar stages in life

What do you like about your neighborhood in Boston?

I like that it’s safe and it’s a really quiet area for the city. As a single girl I want to feel safe and comfortable and I feel that in this neighborhood when I’m walking home at midnight.

Has Thatch’s flexible housing process helped you?

It has. What I love about what Thatch is doing is that they’re understanding there’s a shift in the way people rent and live and they’re keeping up with this change. Thatch has allowed people to feel like they have the freedom of moving around or staying if they want to stay. They give you flexibility if you want to stay for a few days or even six months all while feeling like you’re at home. I’ve never felt like I’m at a hotel or somebody else’s house somewhere, I’ve always felt like I’m at home.

What would you say to someone who’s considering staying with Thatch?

I would recommend all travelers and people looking for a flexible and fully furnished space to stay with Thatch. The maintenance crew is great and it’s so easy to reach anyone. Everything is already here so you don’t have to pay for moving expenses. All you’ve got to do is bring your sheets and towels and you’re good to go.

Better Together: The Rise Of Co-Living

Co-living is an innovative twist on the traditional living-with-roommates experience.

Co-living is taking over cities by storm. With digital nomads, hybrid students, and traveling nurses on the rise, co-living is a no brainer for people who are over the complicated rental process. Keep reading to learn about our 3 big reasons on why you should choose to co-live.

Flexibility: A hard to find commodity in the housing world, the flexibility that co-living offers is unbeatable. Being able to choose your own dates, move around Thatch units, and skip the one year lease is a no brainer. Gone are the days of rigid terms and scouring for furniture, Thatch co-living handles all these headaches with fully furnished and move-in ready homes that are professionally designed and fully stocked.

Community: Let’s be honest, making friends in a new city is difficult. Co-living provides both a built-in community and a creative and positive environment. Living with like-minded people gives you a sense of ease and safety so you can truly feel at home in your new space. Thatch even makes an effort to host social events to get you out of the house, share some drinks with the roomies, and meet other co-livers in your neighborhood.

Economical: Perhaps one of the most logical reasons, saving money is a huge benefit that comes with choosing this housing concept. Not only are you saving huge amounts on rent, utilities and moving fees, but when you choose to co-live with us,  you instantly become part of our Thatch network. This means gym memberships, exclusive looks on new buildings, referral rewards, group discounts, and more.

With the increasing housing shortage and rental prices, Co-living is re-defining the idea of “home.” Thatch offers co-live homes across Boston to both temporary and long-term residents seeking a flexible lease. Check out our co-live homes HERE!

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