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Corporate Travel Planning To Boston In The Winter

Boston is a city that is bustling with energy and excitement, which makes it a popular destination for people planning corporate travel. This is even true in the winter because Boston glows under the gentle snowfall and glowing street lights at night. A great place to see the city and get some business done is staying with Thatch. If you are planning a corporate trip, solo or in a group, this winter, you should know that Thatch offers a 25 off percent discount for corporate/group travel this winter. Please email or call 857-263-3073 to hear more. Here’s what you can expect if you are planning corporate travel to Boston in the winter.

Ideal Rentals For Group Travel

To get the ball rolling on your corporate winter travel plans, we have some terrific vacation rentals for groups of any size. Here are some that should fit your needs. 

  • Cambridge, Prentiss House: The Prentiss House has several ideal options for two or three guests. Prentiss House is a limited-staff and service hotel. Depending on group size, you can even book the entire Prentiss House and have all 20 rooms, the Parlour Lounge for gathering, on-site parking and a commercial kitchen for catering. 
  • Back Bay, Newbury Street: This is a fantastic apartment-hotel with multiple options suitable for sleeping four guests. The full kitchen allows you to prepare anything from coffee to a quick breakfast before heading out for a full meal.
  • Thatch Quarters: The Thatch Quarters are our most budget-friendly hotel option. You’ll be located in the heart of South Boston, steps from the area’s best restaurants and bars and a short walk to the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center (BCEC).

Things To Do In Boston This Winter

You can do several things with your work friends that won’t take up too much of your time and they are lovely team-building and stress-reducing activities. Take a look!

Enjoy Boston In The Winter

Don’t underestimate Boston during the winter months. Thatch is the best place for those planning corporate travel to Boston in the winter. If you are in Boston with a group of work colleagues, you can benefit from the 25 percent off discount for corporate/group travel this winter. Please email or call 857-263-3073. Check out what is available on our website, or call us at 857-263-3073 to hear more about our current options.

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