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Coliving For Nurses, Traveling Medical Pros In Boston

Being a nurse or traveling medical professional can be challenging due to the stress of moving from place to place. One way to lessen that stress is by staying in a coliving space. It’s a valuable and easy-going option for traveling professionals like medical professionals. For those browsing the coliving options in the Boston area, please draw your eyes to Thatch’s coliving spaces. Here’s why Thatch is the best place for traveling medical professionals in Boston.

Why Coliving In Boston?

  • Fully Furnished Apartments Or Homes: We’ll help you remove the headache of moving and buying furniture by offering a fully furnished co-living space.
  • Private Bedrooms: Within our co-living units, each person has their own private bedroom with options for shared or private bathrooms.
  • All-Inclusive Rent: We provide all-inclusive rent, meaning there is no split bill. 
  • Flexible Terms And Move Policies: It is an easy way to relocate to a new city without locking yourself into a long-term lease with big break fees should your plans change.

What A Medical Professional Has To Say

If you aren’t convinced, we talked to a medical professional at Tufts Medical Center in downtown Boston. Here are some things that Andreen said made her co-living experience ideal for her and other medical professionals.

  • “The cleanliness of the home and the open spaces are also a plus.”
  • “Gain new friendships and live with different people at similar stages in life as me.”
  • “It’s safe, and it’s a really quiet area for the city.”
  • “Thatch has allowed people to feel like they have the freedom of moving around or staying if they want to stay.”
  • “I’ve never felt like I’m at a hotel or somebody else’s house somewhere. I’ve always felt like I’m at home.”
  • “The maintenance crew is great, and it’s so easy to reach anyone.”
  • “Everything is already here, so you don’t have to pay for moving expenses. All you’ve got to do is bring your sheets and towels, and you’re good to go.”

Try Coliving In Boston

We are the ideal place for travel medical professionals and those looking for affordable furnished accommodations in the  Boston area. At Thatch, we provide a network of furnished accommodations to fit the needs of almost everyone, whether you are here for a few nights, a few months, or longer. Check out what is available on our website or call us at 857-263-3073 to hear more about why coliving in Boston may be right for you.

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